Q. How did you decide to pursue a career in supply chain?
I think it chose me, from when I can remember we were talking about supply chain and logistics at the dinner table as my parents owned a 3PL company so it was always a topic of conversation and thats why I say that supply chain is in my blood.
Q. What is your greatest career accomplishment?
This nomination and of course winning the award would be, I would also say the support I receive from the community every day. Whether it is a note or comment on Linkedin or an email through our website, some of them just to say thanks and some to say how we have improved their career those are the real accomplishments.
Q. What contribution have you made to the supply chain industry/ your organization that is most meaningful to you?
Hearing from the community on how we have helped improved someone’s career, or helped them to understand the industry that much better, an entrepreneur sharing their story or a women in supply chain feeling heard and getting to share their journey and advice, men and women from all walks of life resonating with the content and connections being made. Those are the meaningful moments.
Q. Your thoughts on how the industry has changed for women from the time you started your supply chain journey?
We still have a way to go but we have definitely made some strides, when I started there weren’t many women in C-suite positions to look up to, get guidance from, learn from. Successful careers were lifelong journeys with one company, I was told that once I started to have babies I would forget about my career and now we are more mindful, we are seeing/understanding the benefits of a more diverse work culture. I still think that to move even further ahead we need to get back to the fundamentals which include communication and examining how women can better support other women in their journeys. But even further to that we need to extend and have more conversations around diversity as a whole so everyone feels heard.
Q. What do you think companies can do to make supply chain careers more attractive to women?
Have a mentorship program with local colleges and universities where they are teaching engineering, supply chain, global trade etc. Encourage women leaders in their organizations (by giving them the time and space to do it) to mentor internal and externally, speak at schools or conferences. Put together an internal program for all employees to have the chance to attend and even sponsor a student, we need to give more of these opportunities to the next generation so we can spark new ideas and show them how amazing this industry really is.
Q. If you could do one thing to leave your mark on the supply chain industry, what would it be?
Leave the community with an intention behind collaboration, some ways of doing that are through a supportive platform where supply chain professionals can share their insights, learn and grow from each other as well as a collaborative marketplace where supply chain providers and shippers can come together.
Q. How would you use this recognition to influence others and how would it impact your career?
I would use it to show others in the community that you can be resilient and overcome or use setbacks and challenges to provide value and make a difference (My career of over 20 years was spent at my dad's company, it was lost when we closed the doors in 2017. I took a big risk and dove head first into supply chain media which wasn't even a term at the time, this shows that it can happen to anyone). This recognition will only help us in the awareness of our women in supply chain series to bring light to their stories, journeys and help us to recognize more women in supply chain. It will elevate the upcoming conversations we will be having around diversity and inclusion, it will help to spark new conversations around women supporting women and for my career it will help me reach more people so we can make more of an impact.

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Book your seat for $240 FREE by Sept 24!